Flor.d.Ló is a family-run artistic and professional project, dedicated to floral art, based in Porto, but working throughout the country.


Flor.d.Ló is a family-run artistic and professional project, dedicated to floral art, based in Porto, but working throughout the country.
Flor.d.Ló is mainly geared towards decorating events and/or specific spaces, with a special vocation for weddings.
Flor.d.Ló places at your disposal its expertise resulting from decades of experience and dedication working with one of the most beautiful expressions of nature: flowers.
The founders of flor.d.ló are a mother and daughter, Aurora and Rita, who aim to create something quite unique with every piece of work. They like to look at every aspect in the utmost detail.
Flor.d.Ló works with a carefully-selected group of suppliers, so that your flowers are always the very freshest, the prettiest and of the best quality. And yes, flor.d.ló has a secret. It talks to them, to the flowers, telling them just how pretty they are!


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Floral décor:
Flowers like being the showcase at weddings. The romantic atmosphere experienced is dictated by the surrounding, living decor. This is one of our favourite areas. We can help you to create the floral décor for the space where the ceremony will take place, for the guests’ reception, the wedding breakfast, or simply make them a gift as a special souvenir at the end of the day. Each event is tailored and nothing can be left to chance.

For the bride and groom:
We will find the best flowers for the occasion, whether for the bride or groom, in order to accentuate their happiness and enchant the guests, or simply to offer to someone and inspire them on a special occasion.
Creating a bride’s bouquet is a unique, differentiating and exclusive process. The bouquet must speak for itself, highlighting the bride’s personality, look and natural beauty.
We also give special care to the detail that differentiates the groom, his boutonnière.

Special adornments:
We love details that make a difference. We also love creating button-holes for the groomsmen and maids of honour, souvenirs for the guests, flower crowns and other floral applications and adornments for the hair, corsages, or even the wedding ring holder.

If you’re having a party, a birthday, a baby shower, or simply a cocktail to get together with friends, or a work meeting, we’ll take our flowers to each place, just the way you like them. There is no age limit for a good party, and flowers are happier and the atmosphere more harmonious when their presence there has been specially thought out.

Contact us using our email or by mobile. We will be delighted to schedule a meeting with you so that we can get to know each other and share ideas and suggestions.

We offer a prior quotation. Deliveries are personalised. We like making people happy. Contact us and follow us on social networks.

Thank you for your preference!